Adam Gontier coves “Rocket Launcher" and "Eleanor Rigby

leftaholewheremyheartshouldbe asked:

ME TOO!!!!!!!!! :D

Adam Gontier with Martin Sexton |  Orpheum Theater- Flagstaff, Arizona 

Adam Gontier and Kevin Brown | Candid Nov. 2012

Adam Gontierand I | Visulite Theater, NC

Anonymous asked:
How tall is he?Approximately if you do not know;)

He’s not that tall┬ácompared┬áto me. I’m scary tall for my age. I’m around 5’7 to 5’8. So, I’d say roughly he’s around 6ft or so. :)

Adam Gontier and I | Visulite Theater, NC 

Three Days Grace show tomorrow!

I’ll be sure to take plenty of pics and video for you guys, meet and greet photos included! I love you guys, have a good weekend!

Adam Gontier | Star Spangled Banner, Patriots/Jets game

Anonymous asked:
but taylor is beautiful ^^

Well, in that case…thank you very much! <3